Referral Friends Program

Be a part of our recruitment service which seeks out for the best talents relating to vacancies available. Join us with candidate’s information and contacts. If the candidate is successfully approved to work in a certain position, cash vouchers will be given to return your kind regards under terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions Apply

1. You can refer us a candidate through our website -> contact us -> click subject in Referral Program and fill in your name and phone number. Our company will contact you back shortly.
2. Name, job details and contact of a candidate need to be informed as well as stating the job vacancy that you would like to refer the candidate to. 
3. The limitation of referral is 2 people per 1 vacancy.
4. Reassure that a referred candidate hasn’t been in our recruitment records.
5. Information regarding to candidate and referee is confidential and shall not be veiled without permission.
6. If a candidate is not qualified, another try out is welcomed for next vacancies available.
7. The company has the right to reject information of a candidate in some vacancies if there’s sufficient data.
8. Cash vouchers will be given when only a candidate is selected and confirmed by payment from clients.
9. You can chose between Gold or Cash Vouchers from various convenient stores which are Central, The Mall, Emporium, Siam Paragon and Starbucks. Cash vouchers can be chosen according to your preference.
10. The company reserves all rights to change or modify any content or conditions, without any obligations to inform referees or candidates prior to any changes made as the company sees appropriate.


Terms & Conditions details in receiving Gold or Cash Vouchers

Salary base of a recommended candidate​ Cash vouchers in Baht  or Gold
Below 100,000 Baht    10,000 THB or  7.58 Grams of Gold  
From 100,001 - 200,000 Baht   20,000 THB or 15.16 Grams of Gold  
From 200,001 - 300,000 Baht   30,000 THB or 30.32 Grams of Gold  
300,001 and above   40,000 THB or 45.48 Grams of Gold  

Referral Friend

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